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To become board certified, members must pass the multiple choice and scenario-based exam requirement. You must register for each exam individually.*

Before registering for an exam, you must:

Once you purchase your exam, you will receive a “Notice to Schedule” email five business days after the exam registration window closes from MGMA’s testing vendor, Castle Worldwide. You will receive one "Notice to Schedule" email per exam. This email will include your personal user name and password allowing you to make your exam appointment at a designated testing facility.

** Those who have not yet completed their education and experience requirements may not register for the scenario-based exam.



ACMPE board certification examinations determine if you have knowledge of the principles of medical practice administration and the application of those principles to real-life healthcare situations and scenarios in addition to how to successfully manage all aspects of a medical practice.

Each examination is created to assess your current level of knowledge in the six Body of Knowledge domains with our exam competencies that define the scope of responsibility of medical practice executives.

Examinations may be completed once an applicant has been accepted to the program. Exams are held four times per year, in-person at the Castle Worldwide testing locations.

Exam Dates Location Registration Dates
March 9-23, 2019 Nationwide computerized testing - view locations Jan. 22-Feb. 7, 2019
June 8-22, 2019 Nationwide computerized testing - view locations Apr. 22-May 6, 2019
Sept. 7-21, 2019 Nationwide computerized testing - view locations July 22-Aug. 7, 2019
Dec. 7-21, 2019 Nationwide computerized testing - view locations Oct. 21-Nov. 4, 2019

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The Nashville Medical Group Management Association is a non profit organization in Nashville TN that exists to provide resources to Medical Group Managers, Affiliate Members and Students who are interested in a career in Healthcare Management.


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