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Lending Library

Kathy Kraus – Education Chair

E-mail: kakraus@comcast.net

The following items are available for check-out from the NMGMA Lending Library. Please contact Kathy Kraus to request your item prior to a monthly meeting and return the item at the following monthly meeting:

  • Accounting Desk Book, Tenth Edition
  • Acknowledge! Appreciate! Applaud!
  • ACMPE Certification Study Guide/Workbook
  • ACMPE Knowledge Assessment, 2nd Edition
  • BOK: Business Operations
  • BOK: Exam Workbook
  • BOK: Financial Management
  • BOK: Human Resource Management
  • BOK: Information Management
  • BOK: Organizational Governance
  • BOK: Overview book
  • BOK: Patient Care Systems
  • BOK: Professional Responsibility
  • BOK: Quality Management
  • BOK: Risk Management
  • Capitalizing Medical Groups: Positioning Physicians for the Future
  • Code of Medical Ethics, 150th Anniversary Edition, AMA
  • Cost Survey for Primary Care, 2010
  • Cost Survey for Single-Specialty Practices, 2011
  • Good To Great
  • HR Policy and Procedure Manual for Medical Practices
  • Innovation Driven Health Care 34 Key Concepts for Transformation
  • It Takes More Than Guts
  • Job Description Manual for Medical Practices -
  • Lean, Six Sigma
  • Let the Record Show
  • Managed Care Answer Book, 3rd Edition
  • Management Compensation Survey, 2009
  • Mastering Patient Flow,
  • Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey, 2011
  • Physician Compensation Plans
  • Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  • Reclaiming Passion - Stories that Celebrate the Essence of Nursing
  • Who Moved My Cheese?

About the association

The Nashville Medical Group Management Association is a non profit organization in Nashville TN that exists to provide resources to Medical Group Managers, Affiliate Members and Students who are interested in a career in Healthcare Management.


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